My Initial Reaction Was Far From Positive . . . The More I Saw Of This Tarot Deck, The Better I Felt About It . . .

Ana Tourian guides us through this “abyss” . . . These cards are designed to mirror our personal evolement from a shapeless void to an illuminated cosmos . . . Basically it’s the journey of our soul through the universe . . . There is so much more than we’re consciously aware . . . Do we dare venture forward? 

I don’t know what attracts us to a particular Tarot deck . . . For many it is the artwork . . . For others it is the feeling it brings — the energy . . . For me, the artwork is important and its also the emotion it brings — which could be a warning to stay away or an invitation to buy it now! As I said earily, I wasn’t all that impressed . . . but then I felt the shift . . . Let’s take a look at some more images and a walk through video.

I’m Interested In Delving Further Into Tarot Of The Abyss

I also believe Tarot has the answers we seek — if we’re brave enough to hear . . . It may not be what we want to hear, but valuable information . . . we need to know . . . It seems this Tarot deck may be what many of us have been seeking . . . and didn’t even know it! 

Over time our tastes change in what Tarot decks we like or gravitate towards. Sometimes we just have to shake things up a bit . . . This deck may address issues we’ve only imagined . . . but are truly real and may indeed come into our lives . . . Much may depend upon the videos and movies you watch or what you hear in your day to day routine. I’ve been exposed to some interesting concepts . . . Some are very much part of my dreams — thoughts . . . It’s all quite interesting . . . and worth exploring.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this review.