Using Tarot For Journaling Is An Interesting Concept.

I do a lot of journaling. I got started doing it regularly quite a long time ago.

It is a personal thing to me. I don’t have ready-made journals set up for a specific purpose, but for me to use and set-up for my particular need.

Insofar as using Tarot for Journaling, it is more a diary of some of my personal Tarot readings. Questions concerning my life and what I should do about certain things. I also ask if my guides have a message or some general topics of interest.

To the right, you’ll see the journals I’ve chosen to use. I like the size. I don’t necessarily have to write a lot if I don’t feel especially chatty. And these are just the right size for specific topics because they’re only 64 wide ruled pages.

They are great for working through specific issues regarding a particular Tarot card — I have one that comes up quite regularly and I wanted to keep track of when it came up in my various personal readings. You can use these journals or click the image to explore other journals of interest to fit your style of journaling.

Guiding Echoes and Daily Tarot Girl Video On Tarot Journaling:


I thought this was an excellent interview you would enjoy as well.

I’m always curious about favorite Tarot decks and specific cards that are favorites or least favorites. I wonder if it has anything to do with one’s personality or background … something I haven’t figured out from this interview.

I did like learning of Guiding Echoes’ favorite Tarot Decks. For me, it is quite easy for me to have favorites because I don’t own that many … I’ll see how that changes as my collection grows.

I believe whatever it takes to gain more insight into yourself or your Tarot studies, journaling is an excellent start.

I find journaling helps me organize my thoughts or it is a place for me to make lists when I’m trying to figure things out … 

There are plenty of different types of journaling. I remember one approach was to set a timer and just write — don’t think about it, just write. Even if it is “My mind is a complete blank and the ticking of the timer is driving me nuts.” After awhile you begin delving into something significant or trivial … it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re writing.

Later it is a place where you come to unwind and write about your daily accomplishments or a thought or song that kept going through your mind. You have been thinking of someone and they called you … or, whatever was/is of interest …

I do like the Tarot Journaling because it allows me to keep tract of some of my readings … and those reappearing cards …

I hope you found this post interesting and informative.

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