Whenever You Read The Tarot Cards, It’s Important To Have An Open Mind

Life is fluid. It is ever changing. Sometimes not fast enough or too fast . . . And . . . maybe we just don’t like change . . . However, life is what it is . . . Best to “go with the flow.”

A Tarot reading shows us where we are and some possibilities available to us . . . It’s a way of looking at an issue objectively to get answers — not necessarily the answers you would prefer.



Tarot is a tool . . . However you choose to use it is up to you. I believe there is wisdom in the Tarot — my task is to recognize it when it shows itself — Too often I’m caught up in my own thoughts and I miss the boat when it comes to this wisdom. It’s important to have a journal handy where you can record your session — looking at it later may give you a different perspective on the cards you’ve drawn. I find it interesting how many times I’ve drawn the same card in many of my readings . . . I do wonder what the cards are trying to tell me . . .

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