The Sugar Skull Tarot Deck And Full-Color Guidebook

I’ve heard about Sugar Skulls in reference to Halloween or The Day Of The Dead (Dia de Muertos). Now the theme is used in a Tarot Deck.

This is a fun and gentle deck — not all that dark . . . Day of the Dead concept — but very much a celebration of life and one’s passage . . . It is refreshing how many more themes are being explored in the creation and publication of Tarot decks. I believe David A. Ross did an excellent job in creating this deck along with artist Carolina Martinez.

We’re all on this wonderful journey seeking our full potential — making the perfect Sugar Skull or creating something just as delightful. Learning new skills . . . for fun or profit . . . much is available to you. This Tarot deck may inspire you to follow your dreams and become successful in ways you’ve only imagined . . .

Have Fun . . . Enjoy Life . . . Dream Big . . . We find inspiration all around us. It could be in the media or talking with family and friends . . . Reading a book or watching a movie. Working in the garden or taking a walk is inspiring to me. I’m even inspired at times sitting on my front porch with my precious Yorkshire Terrier. It’s a quiet time to relax . . . breathe . . . and allow my mind to be free . . . Tarot is also a wonderful tool to use when you want to be inspired . . . No pre-conceived notions about any particular issue nor desired outcome . . . just flow and relax . . . accepting what comes . . .

David A. Ross Has Created This Excellent Tarot Guide Along With Cocktails

This is a fun publication blending Tarot with Tequila . . . According to S & S/Simon Publishing: “Don’t take advice from tequila, that’s the tarot’s job.”

“Tarot & Tequila is a positive and spiritually uplifting guide that includes both basic and humorous tequila-inspired meanings of all 78 tarot cards that both beginners and experienced tarot card readers will relate to.

“Featuring 40 cocktail recipes—one for each Major Arcana card plus bonus Minor Arcana drinks, too—based on the attributes of the cards themselves, as well as a mystical pairing that explains why professional tarot card reader David Ross chose to pair each card to their respective drink, this magical mixology book can be used as both a guide and a recipe book.

“Try drinks like:
-The High Priestess, an elixir of tequila, lemon juice, thyme, and seltzer
-The Chariot, a tequila version of a Moscow Mule, with lemon, beet, and apple juices
-The Four of Wands, a positive concoction of rum, homemade fennel liqueur, and more

“Perfect for fans of drinking, bartending, and tarot alike, this beautifully illustrated book makes both a perfect gift and a must-have addition to any home bar.”

You can get your copy by clicking the link above. And while you’re at it get The Sugar Skull Tarot as well.

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