This Tarot Deck Is To Be Diverse, Inclusive And LGBTQ

The question is Does it deliver? From the reviews I’ve read, I’d have to say No . . . This brings another question to mind, Do the creators of this Tarot Deck understand the words Inclusive, Diverse and LGBTQ? I am wondering if the creators tried to do too much and fell short. I would like to know how many people they spoke with, what they asked and the answers they received. I am wondering if it is at all possible to include all those elements into one Tarot Deck . . . Would it be possible to address them one at a time — one deck as inclusive; another deck as diverse; another deck as LGBTQ . . . Just wondering.

A walkthrough would be very helpful in reviewing Star Spinner Tarot. I am always interested in what others have to say about the Tarot decks they unbox and share. Everyone has their preferences . . . the artwork, the cardstock, the size, the colors . . . matt finish or glossy . . . borders or borderless . . . I’m sure the list goes on and on . . . Let’s take a look and you decide for yourself.

I’m Not Sure How I See Myself In The Tarot Deck

I can relate to several of the cards in both the major and minor arcana. It doesn’t matter to me if they’re male, female, young, old, or any characteristic or personality type. I know I’m not a King, a Queen, a Knight, a Page, an Empress or a Chariot . . . yet I can relate to what they represent in a reading. I don’t need to see my image on each and every card to make it speak to me — to represent me . . . I do wonder why that’s important. Maybe I’m completely out in left field when it comes to this concept . . . I like aTarot Deck that speaks to me on some level — they interest me or make me smile . . . They stimulate my imagination . . . I want to know more and discover more about myself and the issue I’m addressing. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for in a Tarot Deck — I just know when I find it. At times I become quite surprised that a deck captures my imagination. Unfortunately, this deck falls short . . . as have many I’ve reviewed . . . I imagine the same is true for you as well. A Tarot Deck is a personal thing . . . some interest us and others not so much . . .

I got a bit long-winded on this . . . I hope it was helpful.

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I do like fairy tales. I grew up on them . . . but these were new to me. There are cultural ones that are very important to know and to understand. This does add another level to Star Spinner Tarot . . . unfortunately many of these were not included in the guidebook. Of course we can do our research to learn about the mythological and fairy tale stories depicted within these cards — but how are we expected to look them up if we have no reference point. 

The artwork is wonderful in this Tarot Deck, however, Trung Le Nguyen and the editors at Chronicle Books did not address the stories, myths and fairy tales as they claimed they would do from the publisher’s description. Perhaps I’m expecting to be spoon fed such things and it may be unfair of me to say they didn’t deliver. From the video above, you decide if the stories, myths and fairy tales are important to you.

After I published this post I came across the second video and decided to add it. I thought it would help you in your decision whether to purchase this Tarot deck or not.

I really like the box. I’m finding I am more impressed with the packaging than with the particular Tarot deck. Many of the publishers have gone all out in designing attractive boxes to display and keep your Tarot cards neat and tidy.

Once again I’d like to thank you for stopping by. Leave me a comment to let me know your feelings about this post and Star Spinner Tarot.


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