As obsessed as I am with the Everyday Witch Tarot, it is essential for me to move on into the imaginary world of the Shadowscape Tarot Deck.

I seem to be gravitating toward the tarot decks that use the Rider-Waite deck as a foundation. This is how I wish to study and to build my deck choices accordingly. You may have a different approach in your study which is fine … and I may change my mind as we proceed.

I wanted to look into a deck that speaks “spring” to me with the soft watercolors … it is a bit of an escape into another world that I believe would be excellent for this time of year … and throughout the year when I want to delve deeper into the tarot to gleen new insights and possibilities.

I am truly drawn to the fantasy element of this tarot deck. I’m delighted it is inspired by fairy tales, myths and folklore from around the globe. 

It is easy to lose yourself in the images.

I truly love the detail of this 78-card deck.

And the soft watercolor gives it a fantasy feel from the realm of our dreams and personal imaginings … just imagine …That’s what this tarot deck invites you to do.

This is a feel good deck that I think is a “must have” in a tarot card collection.

Please watch the video to the right by Daily Tarot Girl.

Daily Tarot Girl’s Shadowscapes Tarot Review


Delving into a mystical world of fantasy with the likes of fairy tales, myths and folklore from around the world seems exciting and comforting.

This Shadowscapes Tarot Deck, I believe would appeal to a large range of people.

It would make a great gift as well as selecting a card for meditation … a focal point to clear the mind and discover your own mystical realm into further enlightenment … or whatever it is you’re seeking.

Below I have links for the tarot deck and for the companion book — I think it is worthwhile to purchase both.

I feel myself getting a very warm and comforting feeling from the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck.

It is a beautiful deck that may be a place for you to go gaze into the cards … maybe even do an Alice in Wonderland Thing of putting yourself into the image and seeing where it’s taking you … I do find these cards a bit relaxing when I don’t get caught up in all the detail … but the detail is there to explore …

There truly is something deeper that is awaiting to be uncovered and explored …

I’m drawn to this deck to enrich my personal journey … and I believe it may do the same for you … or guide you to explore other possibilities with other tarot decks … or even explore the oracle decks … 

Find your connection …

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I believe a post script is in order with a video to embrace the essence of using your personal experiences to bring the Shadowscapes Tarot into your life on a personal and emotional level.

As I stated earlier, I do like the detail in this tarot deck, but may not have mentioned the role nature plays in this deck. 

I was thinking of it going along with the season of spring … but it may be much more than a seasonal set … or I may have gotten it all wrong. Yet I’ve been told there is no right or wrong wheb it comes to tarot and the feelings it invokes within us.

I did find the video to the right to build up more excitement about the Shadowscape Tarot Deck and to give a new perspective …

Anya Esma’s Inspiring Perspective of the Shadowscapes Tarot

The depth of insight the symbolism employs within this lovely tarot deck is breathtaking.

I believe this is one of those tarot decks that will surprise you from time to time by uncovering new insights you’ll discover as you continue using the cards for your own personal use and when giving readings for others.