Released May 8, 2023!!

Sasha Graham and Natasa Ilincic created a lovely 78-card Tarot Deck which follows the Rider-Waite-Smith style. Included is a 312-page guide book. That’s truly impressive. This is a great deck to reinforce your intuitive reading training as well as opening you up to unleach your latent magic powers.

Below I’ve included two Sasha Graham Tarot Decks — Tarot of Haunted House and Dark Wood Tarot — and a book The Magic Of Tarot.

I’ve also included a video walkthrough of Tarot of the Witch’s Garden.

Dark Wood Tarot

Lisa Papez gives a thorough description of Tarot Of The Witch’s Garden. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

That Was Truly Informative!

You decide upon your criteria for determining whether to purchase a particular Tarot deck or not. For many, it is the size of the card, the artwork, and the cardstock. It could also include whether there is a border or not. As always, you decide what is best for you and how you’ll use this or any particular Tarot deck.

I believe Lisa did a beautiful job in letting you know what you’ll get if you decide to purchase Tarot Of The Witch’s Garden.

The theme could be a deciding factor. Some are into the witch vibe and others not so much or not at all. That’s why there are so many varieties of Tarot cards on the market.

I absolutely love autumn and Halloween. Yet I’m not so much into vampires — nothing wrong with them, I just don’t resonate with them.

I’m not into the dark, horror stuff either. I may just be boring. Yet, as you’ll see below I have images from Tarot of Haunted House. This may not be for you at all either.


You Decide What’s Best For You!

I like seeing what is available. I listen to what others have to say and then I decide whether a particular Tarot deck is the right fit for me.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve looked at some Tarot decks that have given me an uneasy creepy feeling and others that make me feel good and light-hearted. You decide what is best for you and the reasons why you gravitate towards particular Tarot decks. I’m just here to share.

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