There Are Many Professional Tarot Card Readers Who Address Various Topics On Their YouTube Channels

Some address issues of a global nature. Some are a bit closer to home. And others are concerned about the issues of their close friends and family. And, of course, there are thoses who read primarily for themselves.

The great thing is, is that there is no limit as to how Tarot can be used … what issues or topics to discuss … I think  Tarot is a wonderful tool for gaining insight and knowledge … We do need to be mindful that events are ever-changing whitch may mean that a question you asked may have a different outcome than the one you predicted. 

I Believe It Is Best To Be Clear In Presenting Your Question — Sometimes Specific Details May Be Helpful, But Be Sure To Keep Your Question Open-Ended Rather Than A Yes Or No Inquiry

That explanation may have been as clear as mud … At one time I was concerned about one of my sevsites. I just couldn’t make it work for me. I didn’t ask what I was doing wrong, but rather if it was time for me to throw in the towel and create a whole new website with a different niche.

That did end up being a yes or no question, but fortunately the Tarot gave me a bit of a twist in my answer. Basically I was told that the niche was fine for the website I had, but I wasn’t the right person for it. 

Yes, I had to agree with that … but it didn’t give me much encouragement in building a new website in a different niche … I was basically told to drop that one and continue with the onces I had … and if at a later time I wanted to add one, then I could inquire again.

]Much has to do with timing  as well as only taking on as much as you can handle …

We Do Need To Respect The Tarot And Select A Tarot Deck That Works Best With You

It is important to interview your Tarot deck and use it regularly.

Use simple spreads when you’re starting out and practice asking open-ended questions.

Take your time when reading the cards. Look at the relationship between the cards selected. Perhaps even go to the manual to gain more insight to the card’s meaning.

We can always learn something new … Tarot is an excellent teacher.

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Since It’s Such A Beautiful Fall Day, I Thought I’d Give You A Video With A Variety Of Tarot Card Spreads

These are one, two, and three card spreads. You can pull a card or two extra for clariety when you’re reading your spread.

I find the fewer cards the better in most cases, but I’m sure with practice you’ll create spreads of your own. You will develop your own style of reading Tarot and thus need to create spreads of your own.

Enjoy the video.

A Variety Of Tarot Card Spreads You’ll Enjoy Using


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