Once In Awhile A New Tarot Deck Comes Along That Truly Speaks To Your Soul

I found this to be true with Siolo Thompson’s Otherkin Tarot. It truly captures the imagination … and makes you want to explore the deck and the various messages it has to reveil.

From the Amazon website we learn: 

“From the creator of the bestselling Linestrider Tarot (9780738748290) comes a world that is both strange and familiar―both other and kin. Each card in this unique deck features a being who inhabits the liminal space between myth and fact, human and animal. A lion with the body of a man sits on the Emperor’s throne, a sagacious owl acts as Hierophant, and frogs and foxes take on human garb.

Tarot’s deep symbolism is brought into new light with these fanciful illustrations, created with hand-ground natural pigments on unbleached, handmade paper. Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith system, Otherkin Tarot is suitable for both beginners and experienced readers. This is a deck that wants to travel and be left out in the moonlight; it’s a deck that will improve with every use.”


Otherkin Tarot First Impressions And Walkthrough


Otherkin Tarot Is Definitely Worth Considering If You’re Looking For Something Different

This deck truly thrilled me! 

I wasn’t looking for something new …but I definitely found it!!

Perhaps it’s not a good idea for me to look for new Tarot cards on a rainy day. It may have an affect on me …

I do hope you’ll take note of this post and the Otherkin Tarot when giving figts or adding to your own Tarot collection.

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