Released December 21, 2021.

A perfect deck for tarot readers, art enthusiasts, and animal lovers. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of nature, where mythical and ethereal beings come alive through these mystical animal-themed tarot cards. Unlock the power of divination as you connect with the universe and explore your own spiritual journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tarot reader, this deck is designed to captivate and inspire. Each card portrays animals in vibrant hues against shimmering, otherworldly landscapes. Dive deep into the companion book, where you’ll find detailed explanations of each card, unveiling their symbolic significance and the unique characteristics of each animal in relation to tarot. Let this deck lead you on a profound exploration of self-discovery and divine wisdom.

Let’s Take A Look At This Unique Tarot Deck

This Is Quite An Impressive Tarot Deck I Truly Enjoy!

The Publisher has included this list:

Card examples:

  • The Fool—Sea Turtle

  • The Magician—Spiny Bush Viper

  • The High Priestess—Wolf

  • The Empress—Black-necked Stork

  • The Emperor—African Elephant

  • Devil—Praying Mantis

  • The Moon—Rabbit

  • Judgment—Cicada

  • Ace of Wands—Dragonfly

  • King of Swords—Crow

Every card is a different animal. That is truly excellent! I love the artwork and the coloring! This is truly a vibrant Tarot Deck in all meanings of the word.

I’m impressed — how about you?

This has been a great journey of exploration. I hope you found it worth your time. Thanks for stopping by!


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