I’m Always On The Outlook For New Tarot Decks To Add To My Collection . . .

I’ve been looking at a variety of Tarot decks to review and to purchase since I began MysticalKey. There are lots of wonderful Tarot decks available to purchase. Fortunately, I don’t find all of them suitable for my personal collection — As I’m sure you have found for yourself as well. That’s not to say they aren’t wonderful Tarot decks. Most likely they are . . . Just not suitable for my personal taste.

I’m also finding my personal tastes have changed over the years. I came across The Star Tarot and read the description. One part stood out to me: “By using 78 stunning cards and detailed guidebook, you’ll gain an even deeper understanding of this world and beyond by recognizing and reconnecting to your soul’s purpose and inherent gifts.” 

There Is A Variety Of Symbolism Included In The Illustrations Of This Tarot Deck

There’s numerology and astrology incorporated within the drawings. This brings forth a deeper richer interpretation of the cards and the spreads. And there is also a cosmic element . . . The stars are quite magical, mysterious and miraculous.


Just Yesterday I Reviewed Phantasma Tarot And Completely Fell In Love With It

It really captured my imagination. I just couldn’t stop thinking about this Tarot deck and knew I had to have it.

I usually don’t go for the animal depictions . . . but there was something about this deck that spoke to me.

Perhaps the element of fantasy captured me. There is a definite mysticism involved.

One sentence from the publishers description states: ” You will learn a great deal about yourself from these mentors and mystical creatures.”

From the picture on the left, it seems quite evident that the “mystical creature” could very well be a “mentor” or at the very least a lovable “pet”.

I’m Finding It Difficult To Explain Why I Purchased These Two Tarot Decks

I found it strange to wake up in the morning and immediately turn on my computer and order Tarot decks. Obviously, this is not what I do on a regular basis — it’s not part of my morning routine.

Yet, it seemed so right! There was no hesitation on my part at all. I usually will have items in my cart for awhile. To see if I want something else . . . But these went into the cart and directly to check-out.

Now this may seem strange, but it was spelled out to me in a dream . . . Unfortunately, not all of which I remember. But the answers were there and I did need these two Tarot decks in which to unravel whatever it is I’m supposed to know or to do or to understand . . .

I believe Tarot is a tool. It brings insight into concepts and issues that concern us. As I believe our dreams do as well . . . if we can remember them and interpret them properly.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will leave me a comment about a similar experience or to share what Tarot decks you’ve recently purchased.

Thanks for stopping by!