I Just Ordered And Received Two New Tarot Decks!

It’s always a good idea to get to know your Tarot Deck . . .  and allow it to get to know you . . . A formal “interview” process is helpful as is just going through the cards and sitting quietly with them . . . It gives you a “feel” for the deck . . . I pay particular attention to my thoughts and images that come to mind . . . Then I go through the formal “interview” process.

I’m a bit nervous to see the third card drawn — Describe me . . . Yet it is quite interesting to see what the deck thinks of you . . . That could pretty much sum up the rest of the interview — depending upon the card and how open-minded we are . . . 

The spread I’ll be using is compliments of Katey Flowers. I was using a different set of questions and a different spread in my previous deck interview . . . You can always ask how many or as few questions as you like for your personal Tarot Deck interview. It is always good to have a starting point. This one is good as is my previous one. Just cover the information you want to learn about your particular Tarot Deck. This is your interview . . . I allow the deck to tell me whatever it wants me to know . . . 

The Star Tarot Interview

Before we begin I just want to say how beautiful these cards truly are with the matt finish, vibrant colors and gold leaf edging . . . I can truly feel the cosmic essence . . . It seems to possess an ancient wisdom that goes beyond my comprehension . . .

1. What can you teach me?

The Emperor — My keyword is Leadership . . . I’m feeling strong authority — Overseeing all that is needed in moving forward with an objective.

2. Describe yourself.

The Fool — I love this card! My keyword is Believing . . . I see a free spirit with blind trust . . . Optimism and truth without planning or reconceived notions.

3. Describe me.

King of Swords — My keyword is Knowledge . . . Proficient . . . Impartial . . . I’m always striving for clarity and making decisions based on principles.

4. How can we work together?

Ace of Cups — My Keyword is New Concept . . . Awareness . . . I’m feeling the time is right to shift direction to more promising opportunities and this is how we are going to work together.

5. Your strengths.

Knight of Wands — My Keyword is Action . . . Expression . . . I’m feeling swift progress is an expectation, so when I present an issue to the Tarot using The Star Tarot action needs to be taken and it will be expressed clearly and precisely.

6. You weaknesses.

The Chariot — My Keyword is Ability . . . The power to advance. Sure-footed action without hesitation . . . I don’t see this as a weakness . . . unless the one receiving a reading isn’t ready to do what is necessary or may feel pressured to do so . . . Yet we have free-will to accept or reject any advice . . .

7. Our potential together.

8 of Pentacles — My Keyword is Advancement . . . Unrestrained . . . Progress is created through your ingenuity . . . This could be a good relationship as long as I take action and respect the wisdom that is expressed from this deck.

My thoughts about this interview . . . I knew this was a serious deck, one that would tell me what I needed to know without sugar coating it. We do need to have a no-nonsense deck to reach for when we’re ready to hear the truth and take the necessary action to make our lives better for ourselves as well as for others . . . I feel good about purchasing this deck and have every intention of consult it with pressing issues.

Deck Interview With Phantasma Tarot

I have an expectation that this interview is going to be light, fun and whimisical . . . Let’s see if I’m in for a big surprise.

1. What can you teach me?

Page of Pentacles — My Keyword is New Path . . . Initiation . . . Opportunity Knocks . . . Seeing a new set of circumstances and acting upon them.

2. Describe yourself.

Five of Swords — My Keyword is Change . . . Adjustment . . . An opportunity to clear the air.  A time of compromise. Maybe I was set straight that this wasn’t all playtime. Phantasma Tarot is a serious deck with fun illustrations, but it can still pack a punch and get to the essence of an issue. So . . . I have to change my initial thoughts about this deck and this interview . . .

3. Describe me.

Five of Pentacles — My Keyword is Change . . . Shifting . . . A challenging turn of events. I do need to employ clear and positive thinking in order to get through difficult times — like this interview . . . I truly stepped in it!

4. How can we work together?

Nine of Wands — My Keyword is Attainment . . . Extending . . . Unwavering efforts pay off. I need to re-evaluate my earlier thoughts about this deck . . . It is serious and if we are to work together I need to give it the respect it deserves.

5. Your strengths.

Knight of Wands — My Keyword is Action . . . Expression . . . A Strong Belief . . . Unshakable Desire . . . 

6. Your weaknesses.

Queen of Pentacles — My Keyword is Patience . . . Distinction . . . Strong Persuasion . . . There also nurturing in this card . . . These seem all positive, but they could be seen as weakness when one seeks taking advantage of one with these traits.

7. Our potential together.

Four of Swords — My Keyword is Stability . . . Belonging . . . Scheduled Action . . . Progress may be slow, but issues are recognized with a need for improvement . . .

Wow! I was pretty clearly told that I have issues that need to be improved — my pre-conceived notion that this was a fun, whimisical deck . . . Well, it is a serious deck and I do need to give it the respect it deserves. I believe it can be hard-hitting on some issues, but does have a sweet softness about it . . . 

Oh My Goodness!!

What did you think of the deck interviews? Were they enlightening? Entertaining? Informative?

I believe there was another deck that told me off . . . Can’t remember which one it was . . . But that’s the beauty of Tarot . . . You don’t always get what you expect . . . And it may be wise not to have any expections . . . Just saying . . .

I’ll be adjusting my attitude with Phantasma Tarot for a future interview to see if things have gotten better . . . If not, this is a Tarot deck I will be putting away or giving away . . . which is sad for me because I truly like this deck . . . It just goes to show that not all decks are for everyone . . . Even though we choose a Tarot Deck, it may not choose us . . .

Wow! Not a great way for me to begin my day with being rejected by a Tarot deck!! I eat breakfast and drown my sorrows in a tall glass of orange juice.

Please let me know your relationship with your Tarot decks . . . Leave me a comment below.

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