I do love the comic/graphic manga style to this Tarot deck with its mystical energy and adventurous nature.

I love the playful nature of Rann’s artwork which seems to bring each of the characters to life.

This is an easy-to-use Tarot deck that is based on the Rider-Waite system. There is a beautiful guidebook by Barbara Moore with full-color pictures to assist you as you’re going along your journey through this Tarot deck.

The Mystical Manga Tarot Cards have been out since September of 2017. It would make a wonderful addition to your Tarot Card collection.

Mystical Manga Tarot:


For many, unboxing videos are their least favorite.

This is a relaxing means of viewing the full deck and observing the different elements on each card to give me more information when I’m considering buying the deck.

It is also a nice review for me to test myself with meanings I’ve gathered with similar Rider-Waite system of cards. And to notice different symbolism that may come into play when reading the cards for others as well as for myself.

I do like the Mystical Manga Tarot Cards. This will make a lovely addition to my growing Tarot Deck collection.

I do seem to gravitate to particular styles. As I mature in my Tarot studies I may find different styles appealing.

It would be interesting to discover why some people choose some Tarot decks over others. Do they have a particular style or does it reflect upon the subject matter. I’m finding I’m gravitating to the various witch tarot decks. I can see how they would be popular during the fall season, but I like this theme throughout the year … Maybe I am a witch!! That may, indeed, be something worthwhile for me to explore.

Oh my! There are so very many Tarot Card Decks from which to choose … I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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