I’m completely blown away that we’re this far in the month of July and I haven’t written and published a post.

I have been thinking Tarot and dreaming Tarot … but not writing about Tarot.

What’s going on here?!! Yes, I want to know, too!!

I recently changed the color scheme of MysticalKey.com  I went around the internet looking at other websites and blogs for inspiration … sadly I wasn’t all that impressed. Many hadn’t been updated for years … I’m not pointing fingers … I’ve been not tending to mine lately … I’ve been wondering if a particular scheme is more attractive than others or if there is more to be said about the theme that is used … of course it is the content … but I’ve been wondering …

Unfortunately I haven’t found anything definitive on my search … but I did go with what I liked and thought would be appealing to many more visitors … but it is the content that matters … Well, yes, but not entirely … If a website is difficult to read I’ll need to more on … If a website is difficult to navigate, I’m gone … And I absolutely dislike pop-ups!!!

I don’t believe I’m alone there … but why haven’t I been busy at work here at MysticalKey.com ??!! 

I have started many posts … lost interest and moved on … not to complete anything of value … That’s the ugly truth of the matter. I got caught up in my personal collection of Tarot Decks and playing with my camera … then got involved in summer … Those lazy, crazy days of summer or however the old song goes … The truthly pathetic thing is that many of you may have absolutely no idea what song of which I’m speaking …

Well … enough !!! Time to move on and complete a blog post for July.

Who Doesn’t Love Kittens?

I was looking around on YouTube and saw that Daily Tarot Girl had a new video up. I was surprised to see she had recorded some sweet little kittens. I just couldn’t resist putting them in my blog.

Makes me want to go out and get a couple of my own … Doubt my little Yorkie will be too pleased …

Best for me to stick with Tarot Cards.

Precious Little Kittens.


As You Browse Through Amazon, You’ll Notice There Is Quite A Large Selection Of Cat Themed Tarot Decks.

Sometimes it isn’t easy finding a Tarot Decks that “speaks” to you or truly “knocks your socks off”!!

I can’t say that this Llewellyn deck by Lunaea Weatherstone and Mickie Mueller is one of those decks … at least not for me.

I lean more towards those Tarot decks that follow the Rider-Waite system of suits … This one has Earth, Sea, Fire, and Sky. This doesn’t necessarily make sense to me, but I’m no Tarot expert. I just know what I prefer.

Let’s hear another opinion …

Cosmic Creeper’s Tube Does A Lovely Walkthrough And Review Of Mystical Cats Tarot:


Lovely Aartwork … 

I’m not a real fan of this Tarot deck … but what is one to expect from a Yorkshire Terrier owner … Yet to be honest, I do like cats … I just don’t currently own one …

It is best for you to take reviews with a grain of salt. It truly doesn’t matter if I like a particular Tarot deck or not. It is what you like that counts.

I’m hung up on the suit and higher arcana name changes … but that’s just me.

I Do Find It Interesting …

How some people are fixated on the thickness of the cardstock while others are all about the boarders … size may be an issue as well as gloss or matt finish … There are even some who get all pent up over the packaging … 

I usually go with the artwork and the general appearance of the deck … I have decks that change the names of the Higher Arcana … perhaps the suits as well … so … to be honest with you I don’t know why that bothers me with this particular Tarot deck … 

I do hope this post was informative and helped you make a decision upon whether you’ll be purchasing Mystical Cats Tarot or another cat themed Tarot deck … or any Tarot deck at all … I would be interested in your preferences when it comes to choosing a Tarot deck. Please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by!


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