I Do Seem To Gravitate To The Word “Mystic” and “Mystical” While Looking For Tarot Decks To Purchase And Review.

Mystical Realms are intriguing to me and with Faeries all the more interesting ….

This Tarot Deck is by Barbara Moore and Linda Ravenscroft. It is published by Llewellyn. 

“Renowned artist Linda Ravenscroft takes you on a magnificent tour through their lush gardens. Each suit tells a “faerie tale” as nature spirits embark on magical adventures, offering lessons and insights in all matters of life while remaining true to tarot archetypes.”

An 80 page booklet is included with this Tarot Deck, giving beginners and seasoned Tarot readers a quick reference to the cards and symbolism. This seems like quite a refreshing Tarot deck to use on a sunny summer day while drinking a frosty glass of iced lemonaide.


Spirit Tarot’s Walkthrough of Mystic Faerie Tarot Deck:


Each Suit Tells A Story.

But … the stories don’t necessarily go along with the card meanings … maybe a bit of faerie magic at play …

You can always tell your own story in your Tarot readings that will be much more meaningful to you as well as those for whom you’re reading. Clarity and value are things I look towards in my personal readings. I want to understand what message the cards hold for me as well as taking away something meaningful or valuable.



I’m Not Feeling That This Mystic Faerie Tarot Deck Delivers … Or I’m Missing Something …

We do have our own set of expectations for a Tarot deck … and this one falls quite a bit short for me … 

They are lovely cards … but … if I were to go for a faerie deck I’d look elsewhere. I do gravitate to Llewellyn Publications and anything with Barbara Moore … but not in this case … 

I wish I could be more specific … Well … maybe I can. It’s just not my style … I’m sensing disappointment and no warmth from this Tarot deck … Not because of readings, but because of the artwork and the general appearance of this deck. 

I have found very few decks that don’t wow me … this is definitely one that does absolutely nothing for me … Maybe you will feel differently about it and leave me a comment letting me know what I’m missing …

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