I Just Started Seriously Getting Into Tarot.

I dabbled a bit in the past, but my interest didn’t take off until now. I needed to be reintroduced to Tarot and how many wonderful Tarot Decks are available covering just about every passion one may have … cooking, nature, mysical realms, witches … I’m into ghosts and haunted places … I love witches and some things more traditional … 

My collection of Tarot Cards has been a slow process … Trying not to buy everything I review … Yet I can definitely see my collection growing by leaps and bounds … It is important to me to use what I purchase for my personal readings and those of family and friends. I lean towards those decks that follow the Rider-Waite system to make it easier for me to move from one deck to another.

I’ve seen many videos on YouTube where some Tarot Readers will use different Tarot Decks in their readings.

 I do find this quite interesting and fascinating. There are some who combine Oracle Cards as well. It seems very much like adding spices to a recipe … So why not do it with Tarot Readings …?

I’m very much into learning each of my Tarot decks so I can easily flow from one deck to another … Even within one reading. 

I also want to learn different Tarot Spreads and maybe make up a few of my own … It seems many are doing that as well … 

Here are my current 5 favorite Tarot Decks:

As I Mentioned Earlier — There Are Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Tarot Decks Available That Feeds Just About Everyone’s Passion.

There are many Tarot Card Readers who read intuitively … I may do that to a limited degree.

I do need a Tarot Deck that gives me images where I can delve into the card drawing upon what I have learned in my studies for personal reinforcement and also to feed my mind when it comes to application with the question I’m asking or the guidance I’m seeking.

And also, seeing how combining different Tarot Decks will enrich my readings … 

I do thank you for stopping by! I do hope you found this post interesting.



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