This Is Quite A Striking Tarot Deck With The Bold Colors And Card Images.

The Morgan Greer Tarot is a borderless Tarot deck which many prefer. I’m currently not into trimming my Tarot cards, but many do for different reasons — they don’t like borders, they find them distracting … or they want to cut the cards down to fit in their purse. Sometimes the edges get a bit tattered from continuous use and they want to tidy them up a bit. Or they find borders to be unattractive.

This Tarot deck does follow the Rider-Waite system. 

“The Morgan-Greer Tarot is the first modern tarot deck based upon the combined research of tarot leaders Arthur Edward Waite and Paul Foster Case. The Case book was used as a primer by artist Bill Greer in choosing the colors for the Morgan-Greer deck, so as to ‘create an emotional reaction to each card even before the image could be looked at in depth.'”

This Tarot deck has a bit of a simpiistic appeal to it which may be great for Tarot newbies … Tarot can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I don’t feel drawn to the simple images and I’m not too sure about those with a lot of extra details. I’m drawn to those Tarot decks that peek my imagination … make me smile … and even creep me out a bit — in a good way … 

I’m not sure how I feel about the Morgan Greer Tarot Deck … but it doesn’t matter how I feel about … It’s whether you feel drawn to it. It is more about how you feel about this deck than whether I recommend it or not.

Onyx Healing’s Review Of The Morgan Greer Tarot:


Morgan Greer Tarot In A Tin With A Walkthrough by The Truth In Story:


A 70’s Artwork Tarot Deck.

I usually don’t have two Tarot videos in the same post. I thought it necessary to give you more images of the cards … and to give you more information.

I find it interesting how some Tarot Readers want to have their boxes and cards to stand up to continuous use. We do enjoy value when it comes to our purchases.

The Morgan Greer Tarot Deck in a tin is much smaller … but this tin will be much sturdier than a cardboard box. Size is an issue to some. It is all a matter of what you prefer.

I bought pouches to keep my Tarot Cards and boxes. I thought it would protect the box a bit, but I may not be a picky with tattered boxes … It would show how much love they receive with use.

Now you have a choice of card packages and card sizes. This may make a difference for you.

I did enjoy the spreads and the off the cuff overview reading. I am always impressed by how others read their cards.

I do thank you for stopping by!


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