Mushrooms!! Forest Fungi!!

Featuring colorful illustrations of enchanting forest fungi, Midnight Magic invites you to unlock the mysteries of the tarot deck with a dash of mycological wonder. With 78 captivating card designs inspired by the symbolic language of the Rider Waite, each archetype comes to life through the captivating forms of mushrooms. From the regal Fly Agaric embodying the Emperor to the spirited Chicken of the Woods as the Fool, these ethereal illustrations were crafted by Sara Richard, an Eisner­ Award–nominated artist and devoted mushroom enthusiast. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in New Hampshire, Sara’s art captures the hidden power and enchantment found amidst nature’s bounty. Whether you’re a seasoned mushroom hunter or simply desire the earthy magic of tarot, this deck is your gateway to an extraordinary journey.

First, let me express my admiration for Sara Richard’s extraordinary artistry. Her ability to blend whimsical darkness with vibrant colors creates an enchanting and captivating visual experience. With the release of her tarot deck, the “Midnight” aspect shines through, infusing each card with a magical and cozy ambiance. The meticulous selection of mushrooms for each card not only adds depth to their traditional meanings but also provides fascinating scientific information. This deck truly takes the tarot experience to new heights. Moreover, the stunning back design, resembling a swirling galaxy of mushrooms, evokes a meditative and awe-inspiring feeling. The dynamic placement of mushrooms within the body positions of the traditional figures adds a unique and lively touch. Every detail, including the dragonfly wings signifying infinity above “The Magician’s” head, showcases Richard’s exceptional attention to detail. This deck is not only a must-have for tarot enthusiasts but also for those fascinated by mushrooms. Its immersive artistry and insightful symbolism make it a remarkable addition to anyone’s collection.

Let’s Take A Little Tour Through This Tarot Deck!

Midnight Magic: A Tarot Deck Of Mushrooms

This deck is more than just a deck of tarot cards. It is a work of art, capturing the essence of each card with stunning visuals and impeccable quality. The thought and care put into matching each mushroom to its corresponding card is truly remarkable. Unlike other themed tarot decks, this one stays true to the traditional meanings, making it practical and accessible for those familiar with tarot. While it may not provide all the answers on its own, if you have some knowledge of tarot, these cards will speak to you in ways you’ve never experienced before. With great vibes and a touch of the mystical, this deck is perfect for those who appreciate a little woo-woo in their tarot readings. I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to acquire such an amazing deck.

What Do You Look For In A Tarot Deck?

This May Be A Bit Difficult To Answer — Many Factors May Go Into Our Selection Of Tarot Decks . . .

I’ll begin by saying I need to have an interest in the overall theme of the particular Tarot Deck. Yet, I have to admit I’ve been drawn in at times to my complete surprise.

The artwork is important. I also enjoy being able to relate to the cards — if I’m feeling comfortable and want to look at them and draw in all the symbolism and creativity.

The publisher, Adams Media, is not one I’ve heard about before. Yet, they did an outstanding job with Midnight Magic.

I like having a variety of Tarot Decks available — to fit my mood or the time of year. I try not to impulsively buy a new Tarot Deck . . . but I have done so in the past — it worked out all right, but I doubt I would have gotten it had there been another choice.

It may sound strange, but the name of the Tarot Deck is important — some names draw you in, others not so much. I have been disappointed by some great named Tarot Decks and like some that I have a hard time remembering or pronouncing.

I’m drawn to certain artists and artistic styles.

I also enjoy some humor in the artwork . . . it doesn’t have to be fall-on-the-floor laughing humor, but in one Tarot Deck, I have, The Charot is a grocery cart. 

Whatever your criteria are for selecting Tarot Decks, I am grateful you have stopped by to see what I’ve added. Until next time,


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