Do Tarot Cards Have A Mind Of Their Own?

I often wonder about this.

I’ll draw a card for the day just to get my mind wrapped around something other than the drama that seems to be in the air … More times than I can count, the King of Pentables makes an appearance.

This is actually a very positive card. It is saying all is well … Which does make me wonder if Tarot is telling me everything is fine … don’t pay attention to the chaos in the air … That doesn’t have to affect me … It’s not of my making and don’t allow it to come into my life …

We Can Control Our Thoughts And Actions

Why not be as positive as possible and look for the positive in in all be think, say and do?

There is no joy in feeling miserable … or getting caught up in the drama of others … It’s best to think positively and take care of the things you have to do and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the blessings you have in your life.


I Ask Open-Ended Questions Of The Tarot Rather Than Yes Or No Questions

I ask serious questions. I don’t like wasting my time with questions where I basically know the answer.

It seems I would be quite pleased to see the King of Pentacles come up in my readings. Yes, it is great to know everything will work out fine or everything is all right now and I don’t need to be concerned with changing something … But there are times I do want a change …

Tarot is very interesting. I do enjoy consulting the cards and seeing the variety of Tarot Card Decks that are available. Of course we do have our favorites … It’s very much like visiting with an old friend.

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to hear about your favorite Tarot deck, which cards come up regularly in your readings … or anything of interest you;d like to share …