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Isabella Rotman’s This Might Hurt tarot deck is a captivating creation that beautifully mirrors her intricate and diverse world. With a nod to the classic Rider-Waite-Smith imagery, this deck has been given a contemporary twist, making it effortlessly accessible for tarot beginners and a must-have for any rebellious witch’s collection. Embracing the notion that transformative changes and profound truths may initially cause discomfort, This Might Hurt reminds us that shedding light on them ultimately leads to healing. Dive into the journey of self-discovery with this enchanting tarot deck.

Let’s Take A Look Inside The Box To See If This Tarot Deck Is Right For You

Here we have a tarot deck that beautifully blends tradition with a fresh, modern twist.

Embracing diversity and inclusivity, this deck celebrates people of all backgrounds, breaking free from traditional gender roles. And let’s not forget the stunning attention to detail in the characters’ hairstyles, a testament to the love poured into this deck. Printed on high-quality card stock and accompanied by a handy booklet, it comes in a sturdy, double-box packaging. Get ready to embark on a tarot journey like no other.

Modern Tarot Decks To Be All-Inclusive

This Might Hurt Tarot Deck was released from mass market distribution on May 2, 2023. In the newer releases, I’ve heard about diversity and inclusiveness — something I hadn’t thought much about with Tarot. Yet, I do like to present a wide variety of Tarot Decks that you may enjoy. It could involve a theme, subject matter, or concept. I remember when I first started getting into Tarot, I watched a video (sorry I can’t remember who she was) and she remarked about how some of the cards in that particular Tarot Deck depicted nudity (Again I’m sorry I don’t remember the Tarot Deck). I do recall how she said that nudity is natural and I think it follows that people are people of all different sizes, shapes, coloring, preferences, etc. It is excellent that Tarot Publishers offer a wide variety of decks — with animals, mushrooms, vampires, etc. Today there is a Tarot Deck or two that is just perfect for you!

Isabella Rotman, a skilled cartoonist and illustrator hailing from Maine, masterfully captures the essence of the ocean, women, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, and the complexities of sex through her captivating artwork.


With a brushstroke of creativity, she brings these diverse themes to life, captivating audiences with her unique perspective.

Isabella’s art speaks to the depths of human emotions and experiences, creating a profound connection with viewers. Experience the power of her illustrations as they transport you to a world where waves crash, women empower, solitude overwhelms, nature beckons, and intimacy intertwines. Explore Isabella Rotman’s extraordinary portfolio and delve into the imaginative realm she creates with every stroke of her pen.

Well . . . I believe I’ve covered This Might Hurt Tarot Deck well enough for you to make an informed decision as to whether to include it in your Tarot Deck Collection. If you need more information, I encourage you to click on one of the pictures and you’ll be taken to where you can receive more information and secure purchasing.

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