Classic Movie Monsters In Their Very Own Tarot Deck!!

Iconic Universal Pictures Monsters we’ve all grown up with in classic re-runs. The Mummy, Frankenstein, Count Dracula — I wonder about The Wolfman or Warewolf, , , We’ll have a video walk-through so we’ll be able to see each card before deciding whether this Tarot Deck is worth purchasing. The concept seems quite worthwhile, especially for Movie Monster Fans.

Insight Editions released this Tarot Deck on July 11, 2023 — excellent for the Halloween Season. It comes in a deluxe collectible box with a 128-page Guidebook. There are the traditional 78 Tarot Cards.

I Believe A Video Walk-Through Is In Order — I’ve Been Trying To Think Of Iconic Monsters . . .

Well . . . That Was Interesting . . .

The suit names have changed — Candles are the traditional Wands, Crypts are Cups, Claws are Swords and  Castles are Pentacles.

I’m sorry to say I’m not all that impressed. I liked the box, the color-illustrated guidebook . . . I’m just not feeling like letting go of $25.19 . . . I’m not all that impressed by the artwork. As was pointed out in the video, there could have been copyright issues to consider.

I am pleased people bought this Monster Tarot Deck and posted videos with their walk-throughs . . . There were several available for you to view on YouTube.

It’s kind of like a Halloween Tarot Deck I bought and after using it a few times just couldn’t relate to it. That happens. These creators do their best. Better than I could do . . .

If You’re Looking For A Fun Halloween-Themed Tarot Deck, My Recommendation Is Trick Or Treat Tarot

I bought it last October and have been using it ever since. I used it throughout the holiday season and during the spring and summer. I absolutely love this Tarot Deck!!

I must admit I did use Everyday Witch Tarot from time to time and I did get a bit of The Cook’s Tarot in along with some others, but Trick Or Treat Tarot was used consistently.

Maybe Another Video Walk-Through Is In Order

What A Major Contrast!!!

This is a great Tarot Deck and a wonderful guidebook of 216 pages. A fun, light-hearted Tarot Deck that is very nostalgic to me in thinking about Halloween and going trick or treating. It does put the “fun” in Halloween!!

If you’re looking for a Tarot Deck to use in a party setting with multiple age groups, Trick or Treat Tarot is definitely the deck to use. I do get lost in the illustrations of the cards. I enjoy the time I spend with them.


We shared two Tarot Decks with you . . . one I had such great hopes to like, but just couldn’t. I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for in a Tarot deck. If you’re like me, I don’t really know until I see it. And when I saw Trick of Treat Tarot I knew I had to have it!

Thank you for stopping by! Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite Tarot Decks are. I would be curious to know if I own any of them.


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