I Personally Enjoy Tarot Decks Over Oracle Decks …

It may be that I need more structure in my life, so I’m leaning more towards Tarot Decks than the Oracle Decks that have no real set structure.

I have a cousin who is very much a free spirit … and you guessed it, she loves Oracle Decks over Tarot.

Now they have often been used together in readings. It is all a matter of personal preference and how you approach a question by a client or for yourself when you do a reading …

Avalon Cameron Takes Us Through The Difference Between The Tarot And The Oracle Decks:


Currently I’m very much into the Tarot and the different decks that are available.

There is also a lovely selection of Oracle Cards available and some will go nicely with some Tarot Decks if you’re looking for more clarity to a question you may have or for a friend, family member or client.

I think the two may work well together. Just as many people will combine different Tarot Decks in their readings.

Since I’m studying the Tarot right now, of course I’m leaning toward creating my own Tarot Library. But there will definitely be a place for the Ocale Decks down the road a bit.

I do hope this post was helpful and informative for you in deciding what you would like to purchase … Tarot or Oracle.

Thanks for stopping by!