This Is A Popular Deck That Many Who Have Purchased The Cook’s Tarot Also Purchased Hip Chick Tarot.

It is an interesting deck that has changed the suits: Create (Wands), Feel (Cups), Think (Swords), and Earth (Pentacles).

This Tarot deck was created by Maria Strom. She encourages women to take control of their personal journey through life. It is difficult to be bold and not get caught up in the norms of society and to be your authentic self — whatever that may be, but I’m sure it would be wonderful.

“The women shown in these 78 hand-painted and boldly colored Tarot cards will empower you to grow spiritually, be creative, feel freely, and think clearly―all from a female perspective.”

This truly is a unique Tarot deck that I’m sure will draw many to study Tarot just because of this deck. I see the different women to a degree as mentors … someone from whom you can seek guidance in your everyday concerns. These women may brighten your day just knowing they are available to give their wisdom and direction.

Hip Chick Tarot Review Video by Onyx Healing:


It Is So Nice That So Many Tarot Enthusiasts Have YouTube Channels Where They Do Their Reviews To Share With All Of Us.

I’ve been thinking of doing my own videos, but I do enjoy sharing videos from the Tarot Community. This helps me and hopefully helps them.

This is a nice deck that is a bit different from the Rider-Waite system, but it is very straight foreward in the meanings and images. The bold colors make this deck stand out in a positive way.

I would think young adult women would truly gravitate towards this deck … but I may find women of all ages enjoy it.

Hip Chick Tarot Is Truly A Wonderful Tarot Deck To Get Excited About!!

I do find it quite refreshing.

It’s nice there is a Tarot Deck exclusively designed for women. 

This makes me wonder if the different Witch Tarot Decks are specifically designed for Witches … or anyone who enjoys what they represent can use the Tarot decks, too. Do you have to be a Hermit to use the Hermit Deck or a Cook to use The Cook Deck? I don’t think so. It is basically the theme of a particular deck. You can either relate to it … or not …

Hip Chick Tarot seems quite contemporary and would be an excellent Tarot Deck for all the Hip Chicks … and maybe wannabe Hip Chicks 🙂

I do thank you for stopping by!


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