I Honestly Don’t Know How I Missed This Tarot Deck

I have two other “Ghost” themed Tarot decks — Ghost Tarot and Tarot of Haunted House. I also have a Halloween Tarot deck which I suppose would fit in as well. There are Tarot decks that address the paranormal in different ways. My concept and the concepts of others may not mesh well in our descriptions or characterizations — we may very well have a different take on it, which of course is fine and is why there are so many Tarot decks available.

I Truly Got Into The Video Before Writing This Title And Brief Introduction

I must also admit I purchased this Tarot deck before seeing the entire walk through. For some reason this deck truly grabbed me and it was a “must have” in my collection.

The Zen Witch does a beautiful job in bringing out the essence of this Tarot deck in her video and in taking her time exploring “the little white book” that comes with the deck. Enjoy and decide for yourself if this is a “must have” in your personal Tarot collection.

I Needed To Add Another Image Of Ghost & Spirit Tarot So I’d Have A Link For You To Go Visit For More Information And To Order Your Copy Today — Just As I Did!

I also included the image of Halloween Tarot with a link just because I mentioned it was a deck I had and it seemed to follow the “ghost” theme . . . I did come across this Tarot deck from watching a Halloween Tarot group discussing their seasonal decks and Ghost & Spirit Tarot was their pick of one they truly enjoyed . . . thus having Halloween stuck in my mind 🙂

Since I’ve been seriously studying the meanings of the various Tarot cards, I like looking at different decks and seeing how the definitions or keywords fit from deck to deck. So far it seems to be working for me. I’m becoming more comfortable with the cards and my understanding of their meanings. We all have our own approach to learning . . . It’s good to do what works best for you. I’m surprised that I’m jumping into other decks . . . It just seems to be something I needed to do to continue with my personal Tarot journey.

I Believe The Zen Witch Did A Beautiful Job In Describing Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

There is truly little that I could add. This Tarot Deck is a journey in and of itself — each card with the details in each individual image/card feeds the active mind and imagination. I’m truly drawn to this Tarot deck — I don’t know if you’re feeling the same . . . I am very impressed by Lisa Hunt’s interpretation . . . It also draws upon her life and thoughts and feelings from her childhood . . . fascinating . . .

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned everything you needed to know about Ghosts & Spirits Tarot. 

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