For me Tarot is a tool.

I thought it interesting how Vincent Pitisci shows how to apply Tarot to creative thinking.

It truly is a valuable tool when using the Tarot cards as a stimulous to think creatively or for problem solving or whatever personal situation one seeks answers.

I find it interesting how I sometimes look for signs in movies or books I read … What message is there for me?

Throughout life we encounter challenges and want to receive some insight … but we’re not going to consult a psychic or get a tarot reading or even discuss it with friends and family. It is something we want to figure out on our own.

A good example — one I wrestled with for awhile was whether to move on with a new website — thus Mystical Key or continue on with the websites I have. And, what would I do with Mystical Key that would be different from my other websites, but would keep me motivated to add content and to explorre my own personal journey in the process.

It is an ongoing process for me … but what is more important is how this can apply to you and your personal challenges …

Vincent Pitisci’s Genius of the Tarot



Looking into the Tarot intuitively is an interesting concept.

I’m all for adding intuition into Tarot Card Readings. It makes it much more interesting and insightful.

I remember receiving a psychic reading decades ago where the psychic said to me, I hear a song … she told me the song and how I needed to have more music in my life. This was quite appropriate … I was going through a breakup and all the songs on the radio reminded me of the past relationship … so I stopped listening to music in the car and at home … 

It is interestig how we sometimes cut ourselves off from our healing and moving forward due to a recent situation or challenge …

I believe the first thing one is to do in order to delve into the Tarot is to find a deck that “speaks to you” … and in many cases it could be several Tarot Card Decks that speak to you for different times of the year …

Or for different problem solving issues. Even depending upon your present mood.

I’ve been curious about the Celtic Tarot Deck. I do like the old-time symbols and myths that surround this particular deck. It does seem filled with magic and mysteries.

There are gods and goddesses along with magical friends in this enchanted and inspiratinal world.

I’m truly intrigued by this deck with occult symbols, icons and motifs which may impart wisdom and insights into the Celtic mysteries.

This set includes the 78 card deck and a 336-page full-color guidebook. 

I believe this is a “must have” in your Tarot Card collection. It is truly a beautiful deck and the book is of excellent quality as well. I think you will definitely be delighted by your purchase. Just click the image to the right.

I do thank you for stopping by!