A New Tarot Deck By Minerva Siegel And Insight Editions.

I’m unfamiliar with Garbage Pail Kids and their trading cards. This is not something I collected, traded, or know much about at all. I understand there was a movie that I haven’t had the pleasure of watching as yet. So, obviously, I’m not a fan and most likely will not be purchasing this Tarot Deck, but it does interest me to present it as accurately as possible to you. This may be something you know and like quite well or know someone who would love these Tarot cards.

Garbage Pail Kids is a serious Tarot Deck. It may have humorous characters with humorous names, but the depictions and symbols on the cards follow the Rider-Waite tradition. 

I do commend Minerva Siegel and her illustrator Miran Kim for creating a very fine Tarot Deck for fans and serious Tarot enthusiasts.

It Is Truly Worthwhile To Have A Walk-Through Of This Tarot Deck

What Do You Think Of Garbage Pail Kids Tarot?

Those who do not like borders on their Tarot Cards, don’t like the borders on these cards either. One complaint is that it takes away space to make the images larger. This seems legitimate. However, I don’t give borders much thought and haven’t removed borders from any of my purchased Tarot Decks, nor do I believe I ever will . . . I believe they have a purpose otherwise the author and illustrator would not have them.

This is a nice Tarot Deck. One that is very well done. It may seem a bit weird and wacky, but there is a definite appeal about this Tarot Deck and the 128-page guidebook. This could very well be a great collectors item.

I know many Tarot collectors who love finding weird and wacky decks. They have a whole collection under that category. This is something to consider when designing your Tarot collection. I’m sure I have some that may fit in that category as well.

Since It Is Not Quite Halloween, I Thought I’d Take This Opportunity To Share With You The Latest Tarot Deck I Purchased — Trick Or Treat Tarot

I don’t know if it falls into the category of weird and wacky, for me, it is fun and makes me think of how simple our Halloween costumes were when I was a child. I know today Halloween for some is a really big deal with elaborate costumes and accessories. This is wonderful for those who are truly into the holiday spirit.

Some are into candy and decorating. As a child, I was just excited to be running around outside after dark with other neighborhood kids. The candy was a bonus.

I don’t go Trick Or Treating, but I do enjoy giving out candy and seeing all the excited children of all ages coming to the door in a wide assortment of costumes. Even the parents are in costume as they’re walking along with their children. It does make for a very interesting and entertaining evening.

I wish all of you a very happy All Hollows Eve!

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