Who Doesn’t Love A Secret?

Especially Tarot Secrets … And how to gain a better understanding of the Tarot cards. My Tarot Journey continues … I’m always eager to learn something new about myself and Tarot generally.

In the video, Kate takes you on a bit of a journey … one I believe you’ll enjoy … I did … and in the process I learned something valuable … Which I believe you will, too. 

Life is fluid … and Tarot is fluid … Every reading doesn’t end when you put the cards away … You may still be thinking about them … I know I  do. I’m always wondering what more I need to understand … what other question do I need to explore … And do I really want to go there … 

Daily Tarot Girl Has Some Secrets To Share


Tarot Is A Tool That Is To Be Used With Respect, Nurtured And Loved

I’ve written about how Tarot decks have a personality … We relate to some decks moreso than others … Just as with people … we resonate with some  better than others.  Even over time we find that we need to move on and have a different favorite deck … or just add something new to a particular reading.

I won’t bore you with my favorite Tarot deck … but I do have a collection of decks that I want to explore … There was a reason I bought them … but I now wonder if I’m that same person … and what changed … My journey may have shifted a bit … or my understanding of Tarot is not as developed as I thought or wanted it to be … Maybe I am stuck in a bit of a rut … All things that Tarot will help me resolve … If I have the courage to ask …

Tarot is a personal journey … Every day we learn something new about ourselves … or some things are confirmed … We’ve been experiencing quite a heat wave over the weekend … I’m not all that fond of hot weather … but I did get through it … Just clinging to the desire of fall coming soon … 

I Do Encourage You To Take Kate’s Course On Intuitive Tarot Reading

I took it a year ago and I’m so very glad I did. Yes, we can learn Tarot on our own via books and YouTube Videos … Taking a course and engaging with others is quite valuable … But do what is best for you …

I do thank you for stopping by 


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