It’s Refreshing To Step Back And Take A Look At My Favorite Tarot Decks

It’s wonderful to have a collection of Tarot Decks readily available for me to use at a moment’s notice. With this representation, I’ve barely scratched the surface with my 30-plus Tarot Decks. Plus I’m contemplating purchasing another Tarot Deck or two.

It’s Strange How I Decided On The Tarot Decks To Include In This Post, But I Can’t Help Thinking About Those I Did Not Include

For me, Autumn is the time of year for reflection

Tarot is a continuous journey of self-discovery. Through cosmic symbolism and unlocking the profound connection to your true purpose and unique gifts with the second edition of The Star Tarot. You can immerse yourself in the captivating world of 78 stunning cards and an accompanying guidebook that will deepen your understanding of the mystical realms and enable you to reestablish a profound bond with your soul’s calling. This transformative tool transcends boundaries, catering to readers of all backgrounds, and offering a powerful methodology to ignite a heightened connection to your inherent gifts and the very essence of your soul. Delve into new sections intertwining numerology with the Major Arcana, unraveling the intricacies of your lifetime personality, while uncovering astrological references, three additional spreads, and larger, awe-inspiring artwork on each card. Discover infinite possibilities for spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical growth as you invite the miracles and enchantment of the stars into your life and heart.

Embark on a captivating journey through the Phantasma Tarot, where vibrant daydreams and magical visions come to life. Let kindred spirits and mystical creatures guide you with their profound messages and life lessons. Within the 76-page guidebook, discover the wisdom of these mentors as they unveil the secrets of the 78 tarot cards. Immerse yourself in their enchanting guidance and unlock a deeper understanding of yourself. Explore two unique Phantasma Tarot spreads that will illuminate the path to self-discovery. Step into a world of boundless possibilities and embrace the transformative power of the Phantasma Tarot.

Introducing the Everyday Witch Tarot, the perfect tarot kit designed for every witch. With its charming images and simple explanations, this deck is the go-to choice for anyone looking to learn or practice the tarot. Built upon the foundation of the classic Rider-Waite deck, this whimsical yet dedicated tarot offers answers to life’s toughest questions. Authored by Deborah Blake, this kit brings a friendly and approachable style to the tarot, all while maintaining a positive focus. Complete with a deck featuring brilliant art and a full-color guidebook, the Everyday Witch Tarot is the ideal tool for modern witches seeking practical and fun tarot experiences.

The key is finding a Tarot Deck you will use regularly. The choice is yours — there are tens of thousands from which to choose.

There Are Plenty Of Tarot Decks That Capture One’s Imagination

For me, it has come about catching me completely by surprise.

I usually don’t buy Tarot Decks on impulse — but that may have been the case on more than one occasion. It is that feeling telling you, I must have this Tarot Deck. Most of the time after it arrives, we’re delighted, but there have been times that a particular deck has become a disappointment.

What I do when this happens, is set it aside and revisit it at a later date. In many cases, I find the value of that “iffy” deck. It is rare that I’ve grown to dislike a deck — they all seem to give us some value. It is, at times a challenge to find that value.

I believe it is important to select a variety of Tarot Decks to discover what truly resonates with you. It is also important for you to use Tarot decks daily. There is something almost magical or mystical about this practice. I have found, I could interpret the cards without reaching for the guidebook. Yes, it is a learning process and repetition is invaluable.

I do appreciate that you’ve stopped by! I do hope this was helpful and you have reflected on your personal collection and perhaps decided to purchase another Tarot deck or two.


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