Most people consulting the Tarot have issues with their love-life . . . finding love, keeping love . . . dealing with the loss of a loved one . . . Perhaps needing to know the best way to move on from a bad relationship . . . Issues involving love are complicated and very much on our mind. This Tarot deck helps address those pressing issues in their Modern take on the subject. Let’s take a look at this deck and get some insight from a Tarot Reader who took the time to present this Tarot Deck in a video.

From The Video Walk Through And The Images Above You’ve Received A Good Look At What Ethony’s Modern Love Tarot Is All About

You make up your own mind. I basically present different Tarot Decks I’ve come across in my search for the deck I’d like to add to my collection and use regularly. And, also to look at Tarot Decks that may be of interest to those of you who visit my website. I do enjoy seeing what is available and what may be of interest to others . . . not just to me. In the past I’ve looked at Tarot Decks that gave me the creeps! Some wowed me and some left no impression at all . . . It’s not so much what I like . . . It’s what you like!!

Well . . . Since This Is A Review I Should Tell You Something . . .

The packaging is good. Lots of attention to detail in the design and publishing of this Tarot Deck. I’m pressed by the artwork and the guidebook. It’s excellent how Modern Love is addressed in this deck. Some of you may not agree with the cover image . . . That’s fine . . . This deck may not be for you. Others may be drawn to it . . . for no other reason than it is “modern” . . . That seems to be the trend, to make Tarot decks that are more relateable to the general public.

I like Tarot Decks that follow the Rider-Waite format of 78 cards with the Major and Minor Arcana. According to ETHONY: “Help people navigate their relationships with themselves and their loved ones whether they need help healing from past relationships, navigating current ones, or finding a new lasting one.”

I don’t do readings for others, but if I did, I’d want to have this Tarot deck in my collection as a choice for a client to choose.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post and learned what you needed to know about Modern Love Tarot. Click any of the images above to get more information and order your deck today!


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