Dark Wood Tarot
Tarot of Haunted House

Dark Wood Tarot and Tarot of Haunted House are both creations of Sasha Graham — and are also story-telling tarot decks. What does this mean? You’ll be following the main character throughout this deck. Her adventures are yours . . . it’s also a great way of learning the various card meanings. I do like this approach in getting familiar with a new Tarot deck. It makes me feel as though I’m part of it — not just an observer . . .

I have a couple of videos to share. I hope you like them and may feel it’s time to make a purchase . . . just click one of the images above to be taken to the appropriate page. 

Wow!! I’ve always liked Tarot of Haunted House — I’m feeling quite drawn to Dark Wood Tarot.

What did you think of the reading using Tarot of Haunted House?

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I hope you enjoyed these videos. I thought they were quite informative.

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