Perfect Gift For The Tarot Lover

This Tarot Card Holder is both practical and functional. I do a lot of three-card readings and would love to have this attractive card holder. As you can see in the pictures, there is room to place candles, crystals as well as other small items. It would also be handy for taking pictures of particular card spreads you may want to keep or share.

The slot in the back allows you to place 3 Tarot cards. This is excellent for viewing and sharing and knowing they are secure.

I’m especially impressed by the moon carvings. There are three separate moon phase movements displayed.


Maybe A New Deck Of Tarot Cards Would Be Appropriate To Purchase Along With The Tarot Card Stand

Any And All Of These Tarot Decks Would Be Perfect To Bring Out During The Halloween Season

Ghost Tarot is great to bring out during the Halloween Season and it is delightful to use throughout the year for those who believe in ghosts and the supernatural. 

Halloween Tarot is a fun deck to bring out and delight your friends and family during your Halloween celebration. These Tarot cards do take you on a thrilling adventure — “The Emperor is depicted as Frankenstein, and The Hermit as the Mad Scientist.  A black cat with glowing eyes leads us on our nocturnal sojourn through the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. The characters of the Major Arcana visit from the realms of horror stories and Halloween tradition. Frankenstein and his bride ‘bring to life’ the Emperor and the Empress cards. The Minor Arcana suits are Pumpkins, Imps, Ghosts, and Bats, each with a special significance.”

Hocus Pocus Tarot and Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot are creations of Minerva Siegel. Do you believe the movie Hocus Pocus was released in 1993 and it is still popular today. And, you may find this difficult to believe, but Nightmare Before Christmas was also released in 1993.

What can we say about Hocus Pocus Tarot — there were the three Sanderson sisters, the Dennisons, Ernie, Billie Butcherson and others. And, of course, those sisters are going to cast a spell upon the town.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot — is filled with the spooky citizens of Halloweentown. You’ll be delighted to see Jack Skellington, Mr. Oogie Boogie and Sandy Claws along with so many others.

I Could Probably Add A Few More Tarot Decks That Would Be Perfect To Share During This Delightful Halloween Season


But you need to discover them for yourself . . . Or I just may add another post or two because I absolutely love this time of year.

Fall/Autumn is an interesting time of year. Not only Halloween but Thanksgiving — Harvest Festivals and Hay Rides . . . Too bad they don’t have The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Tarot . . . or a Harry Potter Tarot . . . Maybe someone is working on them.

As always, I had a most delightful time and I hope you did, too.

Thanks for stopping by!


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