I’ve Been Contemplating Purchasing This Tarot Deck For Awhile …

I do love nature and birds. I’ve seen crows gather on fense lines and seem to have a great time squaking away and flying around and at play. They seem to be interesting feathered creatures.

They do tidy up road kill … not a pleasant thought, but sometimes nature isn’t pleasant … Things do have a way of working together in nature to keep things in order … I’m sure I didn’t explain that properly, but food is supplied by road traffic and the crows help me from having to clean up the street in front of my house …

I’m pleased to see a Crow Tarot Deck available to use throughout the year … and perhaps for spring and fall … I do like the idea that this deck follows the Rider-Waite system which makes it familiar for me to read the cards without going into extra work of learning the card meanings.

It is excellent that a book is supplied with this Tarot deck, a book that is easier to read than the pamphlets supplied by other Tarot publishers.

I like this Tarot deck and have it on my wish list to soon find its way into my Tarot Card Collection.

Marguerite Jones or MJ’s Walkthrough And Insights Of The Crow Tarot:


It’s Delightful To Receive The Illustrators Insights.

I love to learn as much as possible about the creation of Tarot decks. I know I imagine someday creating a Tarot deck of my own … 

I am now leaving that to the experts, but I do wonder what theme I would like to see put into a Tarot deck … I do wonder about other fairy tales or perhaps something of a pirate theme … I may come across some …

I do love Tarot and how wonderful it is that there are so many variations.

After Watching The Video, I’m Moving Crow Tarot Up On My Wishlist.

I believe this would be an excellent addition to my Tarot Card Collection and yours as well.

I hope this post was helpful and informative.

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