I’m Finding I’m Developing A Kind Of Style I Like In Tarot Cards.

As I’ve mentioned several times and will probably mention several times more, I’m studying Tarot in earnest after several years of dabbling, but not taking it too seriously.

A few weeks ago, I saw The Cook’s Tarot and thought I’d take a pass on it … But today I’ve kind of warmed up to this deck and can see some promise in it — in helping me with my Tarot studies as well as perhaps in life generally and doing readings for myself and others.

I like the artistic style and the bold colors.

 I believe the culinary theme would appeal to just about everyone. We all need to eat and each of us have made a sandwich by essentially spreading something on the bread, putting a piece of meat or cheese on one slice of bread and slamming another piece on top. Nothing fancy, just quick, easy and out the door munching on our very own culinary creation 🙂

I love the humor and the creativity!! This deck truly makes me smile and feel happy!!


LavenderCottageTarot’s Video Review of The Cook’s Tarot:


I’m Not Sure Why Or How But This Deck Does Make You Stop And Take Notice.

It’s definitely a deck that brings out the intuitive side and draws you into the cards in a fun and playful way.

The Cook’s Deck has basically blown me away. The video allows you to take a leisurely stroll through the images and you may need to consult the guidebook to know what you’re seeing … 

I’m impressed by this Tarot deck and do recommend it.

How Often Do You Come Across A Tarot Deck That Is Calling Out To You?

We can all definitely relate to kitchens, chefs, utensils, etc. that make this deck relatable to just about everyone — even if you don’t cook …

This deck grabbed me much like Everyday Witch did. There is something about the images that make you want to dig in and learn the elements of each card and what they mean. I found myself studying the cards for hours.

The large size is kind of a plus, if you like large cards … I truly think this would be a deck you’d go to on a regular basis and people for whom you’re doing readings may gravitate towards it as well.

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