Let’s Dive In With Kelly-Ann Maddox As She Looks Into The Court Cards

It’s always good to review what you’ve learned thus far in Kelly-Ann’s course — coupled with my posts using Vincent Pitisci’s Keywords . . . I may have more to share, but first things first . . .

Vincent Pitisci Goes Into Greater Detail Of The Minor Arcana — Along With Keywords For Each Of The 56 Cards

In Genius of the Tarot, Vincent goes into greater depth of the Minor Arcana — also with the Suits . . . I know learning more keywords can be time consuming and quite a bother . . . The important thing is that whenever you see a particular Tarot card, a keyword instantly comes to mind. That’s truly remarkable!!

Basically, you’re developing a personal relationship with your Tarot deck. Each card has its own personality or essence . . . That’s what Vincent helps you capture in his book.

Here Are Just A Few Of My Favorite Tarot Decks

Initially I Thought Learning Keywords For All The Tarot Cards Was A Big Waste Of Time

The more I learn and work with The Tarot, the more I want to know the essence of each card. So what, that I have to learn 78 or more keywords — my understanding is becoming stronger.

I was thinking of sharing the 56 keywords with you here . . . Vincent Pitisci does a wonderful job in his book — Genius of the Tarot. It is definitely worth picking up a copy for yourself.

The time you spend learning the Genius of the Tarot, the more enriched will be your understanding of Tarot and life.

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