There Are So Very Many Tarot Tools Available To You

After listening to Vincent Pitisci, I decided to purchase some of his books. They should be arriving soon — today and tomorrow. I usually like to have my deliveries done together, but they could be coming from different places . . . it is what it is!!

Of course, I’m always looking at Tarot cards . . . New decks to add to my growing collection . . . To be honest with you, I’m not sure why I want to add new Tarot decks . . . I have nothing I’m truly feeling I need . . . Just the books I purchased . . . I suppose I’m just looking around to see if anything in particular captures my interest.  For now it was the books . . .

There Is Something About Tarot That Fascinates Me

There are many talented Tarot Readers who come up with some amazing findings the cards or the universe wants to share . . . Some things may seem quite “out there” . . . It’s all about having an open mind and discovering the possibilities. Tarot is a tool . . . Use it wisely . . .

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me.


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