A New Interpretation Of The Tarot By The Renowned American Wiccan Priestess Phyllis Curott And Illustrated By UK Hedgewitch Danielle Barlow

Hay House UK published this wonderful Tarot Deck blending the magical elements of nature with modern witchcraft “offering spiritual insight and life-changing wisdom.” You may even awaken the Witch within . . . I do believe that would be delightful. As the publishers point out:

“The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot brings you into the heart of what it means to be a Witch, a wise one who lives with reverence for the land, for life, and for the divine magic that connects us all. And you don’t have to be a Witch to benefit from its wisdom. This groundbreaking Tarot speaks to seekers of any spirituality, age, race, or gender identity with culturally diverse imagery and universal wisdom. Helping you to see and create the future you long for, The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot is magic in action.

“American Wiccan Priestess and best-selling author Phyllis Curott and British Hedgewitch and artist Danielle Barlow undertook a year-long quest involving almost 200 shamanic journeys to create this empowering new interpretation of the Tarot. It leaves behind the Devil, Hierophant, Judgment, and other patriarchal imagery and reverses the direction of the Major Arcana, offering a path to self-awareness and fulfillment that takes you into the natural world rather than away from it. The cards of the Minor Arcana share empowering teachings from the living forces of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth and reveal the wild, wise, and divine magic of nature and human nature, and the love of Mother Earth.

“The enchanting text includes vision-provoking Wisdom, the practical advice of Counsel, the quick insights of Essence, and techniques and spells for manifesting Magic. Also included are card spreads, including the unique Compass Rose, for both readings and spellworking, and practices to deepen engagement with the deck’s wisdom and magic, and your own.

“Follow the guidance of this healing, inspiring, and empowering Tarot deck, and let it awaken the magic within you!”

This is truly a lot to take in. I do seem to gravitate to Witch themed Tarot Decks — I love nature and the abundance it offers . . . as well as the wisdom it holds . . . I find it helpful when deciding to purchase a new Tarot Deck to view a walk through and receive some insights from a Tarot Reader.

My Witch Themed Tarot Decks In My Collection

The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot Is Truly An Adventure To Behold

It’s important to have an open mind when viewing this deck . . . and understanding the wisdom the creators have put into it. There are 78-cards with changes to the traditional Rider-Waite format I enjoy. Yet I am open to delve into this deck and discover what it has to offer. This deck may not be for everyone . . . We all have our preferences . . . I believe it is worthwhile to explore the numerous Tarot Decks available to discover what clicks and must be an addition to my personal Tarot Deck Collection.

I’m very much enchanted by The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot and may find myself placing an order — I just received White Numan: A Sacred Animal Tarot . . . I try to not buy a whole bunch of Tarot decks at the same time. I like to treat one individually for awhile . . . But . . . we sometimes have to act while its on our mind . . . You decide if this deck is for you . . . 

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