For All Of You Who Love The Nightmare Before Christmas Will Be Delighted To Know That A Tarot Card Deck With An Illustrated Guidebook Is Available For Pre-Order Now 

The release date is September 15, 2020.

I’ve always wondered if this is a Halloween theme or a Christmas theme … I suppose it is entirely up to you … 

I’m sure you can do Tarot readings with this deck throughout the year. There are plenty of fans out there who would love for you to read from this deck … 

I’m always excited when new decks come out!

Simon & Schuster Has Done An Excellent Job With This Tarot Deck And Guidebook

The author is Minerva Siegel and illustrated by Abigail Larson. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot will be an excellent addition to your Tarot collection.

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to click the images below to pre-order this lovely deck. It does follow the Rider-Waite format which makes it delightful for all levels of one’s Tarot journey.