Haven't Quite Embraced The Whole Witchy Vibe Yet, But Exploring Tarot Decks

Different Tarot Decks Intrigue Me. As Does This Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot by Melanie Marquis and Illustrated by Scott Murphy.

This seems very much like an “earthy” Tarot deck to me.

It does seem to follow the Rider-Waite system with variations that do seem to be natural whenever new decks are created.

The Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot was first published in in September of 2016, so it has been around for awhile. I’m pleased it is still available for those of us who are new to Tarot or just getting around to delve into this particular Tarot deck.

There seems to be practical spellwork at play with this Tarot deck.

It features “ancient Pagan mythos, diverse ethnicities and practical spellwork.”

It could very well be for the practicing witch … and anyone else who is interested in attaining heightened spiritual awareness. That seems to cover just about all of us …

I like this deck … I think for now it is on my wish list … we’ll just have to see how my personal Tarot studies are progressing.


Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot Unboxing by Intuitive Gems:


I Find Tarot Cards To Be Great For Meditation.

Perhaps this is a way to connect with the different Tarot cards … or it is a way to clear my mind from the energies around me.

I think it is necessary to clear our minds and to be open to what the Universe and the Tarot is saying to us. There is great ancient wisdom right at our fingertips whenever we consult the Tarot.

It is essential for you to connect with a Tarot deck that is right for you.

I think it’s great there are so very many Tarot decks from which to choose.

I am quite amazed by the number of individuals on YouTube who are really into Tarot and other Occult Practices. There is truly a wealth of knowledge available to us.

I’ve toyed with the idea of making videos … that may be more of a reality for me than creating my own Tarot Deck or even writing a book on the subject … but one never knows … Maybe I should consult the Tarot 🙂

I am truly excited about Tarot — studying the meanings of the cards as well as getting into the symbolism … and maybe doing readings for others … and who knows, maybe making some videos — yet I don’t believe I know enough to share, but it is something I’m thinking about …

We all have a passion for something … that’s why there are agazillion channels on YouTube … just about everyone has something valuable to share. So, actually with just about every Tarot deck available or question or concern you may have about Tarot is covered somewhere by somone in their blog or on YouTube!! Unbelievable, isn’t it!!

There is so much we can learn from personal readings from our Tarot cards … I suppose it is all a matter of asking the correct questions … The answers are waiting …

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ve found your Tarot Deck … Tell me about it in the comments below …


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