This Is Truly A Beautiful Tarot Deck

This is an excellent Tarot Deck for those who are into the ocean, mermaids, beautiful Tarot cards …

The wonders of the sea … and the magical mythology of mer-folk … They are teachers and guides with wonderful energy that will help you through the challenges of life.

I love this deck for the beauty of it!! Below I have some images from this Mermaid Tarot Deck.

This is a lovely box set with the Tarot cards and Guidebook.

I love sharing YouTube Videos where it is a complete surprise with the unboxing. It is truly thrilling to see a Tarot deck through the eyes of others. Plus I also liked that she mentioned the quality of the cards and comparing them to those in the Everyday Witch Tarot

This is definitely an impressive Tarot Deck!

A Wonderful Video by Wolf_Ceit_Witch:


Mermaid Tarot was released March 8, 2019.

It is definitely a Tarot deck worth checking out even if mermaids aren’t your thing … but aquariums may be … or the beach … or the ocean … I’m sure many people can relate to this Tarot deck.

You can truly get lost in the images which is excellent for intuitive readings … This is moving me away from the ghosts and haunted houses and witches into the beautiful sea … It will be a beautiful addition to your Tathrot Collection …

I believe this Tarot deck will be great for the summer months … and of course for everyday … I can almost feel the refreshing breeze coming off the sea … Do I see a mermaid off in the distance …

This deck truly captures the imagination …

Click any of the images above to take a look for yourself … and purchase it … I’ll be glad you did 🙂

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