I First Became Aquainted With Steampunk When I Started Working With Papercrafts And Getting Into Designer Series Papers

It seemed fun and a bit whimsical … I did like the concept of gears and the turnkey for mmovement … But it doesn’t seem this deck plays to that as much as I originally thought … But I do like the costumes and the elegent gowns …It’s very much in an older period of time … with a bit of a science fiction type of feel …

This Tarot Deck, however, was a lovely surprise and I’ve enjoyed Barbara Moore’s Manual. It is full of a lot of useful information.

For some reason I’m finding this Steampunk Tarot fitting in with The Ghost Tarot and Tarot of Haunted House …. Perhaps a deck I’ll use during the fall of the year and definitely during the dead of winter.

Here’s More Of An Historical Look At Steampunk You May Find Interesting


Steampunk Tarot


I Do Enjoy Grouping Different Tarot Decks Together To Make Comparisons

As we work with different Tarot Decks we view the cards a bit differently … We may see them in a completely different way than before … There could also be a deck we may not be all that fond of to later discover qualities we overlooked.

As we grow on our journey with Tarot … I believe Tarot also grows with us … or gives us time to catch up …

I’m sure many people go through their Tarot Decks from time to time … weeding out some to make room for new ones … Or perhaps rediscover a deck or two they may have overlooked or ignored for far too long.

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